Adventure bikes are electric bikes that provide you the freedom and flexibility to explore both on and offroad. They can handle either serious offroad or are capable bikes on the tarmac as well.

Rising fuel prices, increasing congestion, environmental concerns and a need to squeeze some much-needed exercise into our busy schedules are all key reasons why electric bikes have taken off in a big way.

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Riding an Electric Bike is FUN!

Six times more fun than a traditional bike. Research shows that people who purchase an electric bike cycle more than six times that of a traditional bike.

Headwinds or hills are a thing of the past when you cycle on an e-bike. We extend our commitment that, once you have ridden an e-bike, you will be committed to an easier, joint free friendly way of cycling.

The e-bike is for both the leisure riders and adventure travelers. This means being able to travel:

With less ease;
Further distances;
More trail rides (to explore our beautiful country and nature trails);
Family outrides with the kids.

eBikes-SA is an online bicycle store.

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